We are changing our company name to Fyrklövern with an updated logo. 2021 marks nearly 50 years for our company as a porcelain supplier. To celebrate this occasion, we are changing our name from OY Apilanlehti/Klöverbladet AB to Fyrklövern Suomi OY. At the same time, we are also launching an updated logo and a new visual identity that has taken effect on May 27 of this year.

We think that there is a great advantage in having the same name throughout our six markets, and through the name change, we will be gathering all of our markets under the same roof. This marks a new era for Fyrklövern, and we will go to an even greater extent to ensure that consumers have the best experience imaginable, from the time they order a product to the time that product is adding value inside their home.

Our company was founded in 1974 in Sweden under the name Fyrklövern with its headquarters in Malmö. In Swedish, the name means “four-leaf clover,” which is a symbol of good luck. The concept will remain the same; Fyrklövern will continue to offer timeless Scandinavian design in high quality that is exclusively sold by our company.

The new logo has retained Fyrklöverns signature, the four leaf clover, but has been given a softer design, as well as a more modernized expression.

We want to highlight that we have so much more to offer than price and product. At Fyrklövern, we know that a welcoming and inviting home is where families and friends gather to enjoy time together. Therefore we put the highest importance in sharing our skills and experience creating beautiful and personalized environments with our table settings. Every day, we offer table setting tips, recipes, and inspiration, not only for beautiful table settings, but for memorable moments with those who matter the most. Our focus is also on offering a wide range of sustainable products, all in traditional and modern designs.

A new time. A new Fyrklövern. Life is about creating unforgettable memories. Many of our most valuable memories were created in the company of others, around a table that was set with love. Welcome to the meeting point of life. #forgreattablestories

Helsinki, June 9 2021